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A Name To Know - Powered by YOU!

A Name to Know is a premier media platform showcasing celebrities, top corporate CEO's,  small business owners, not-for-profit organizations 501(c)3, inventors, and young entrepreneurs. The purpose is to highlight successful journeys in an effort to be an inspiration for our viewers.  A Name to Know is hosted by Alicia Figueras-Lambert.
A Name to Know is web-based so that it can be seen throughout the entire world.


Our goal at A Name to Know is simply to give people a platform to share, express and relay their message to their audience. While doing so, the profits support children of incarcerated parents in New York and Florida.

Join us as we feature your journey while giving you maximum visibility regionally and globally because you are
A Name to Know.


Simply call 631-741-5616 to book your 10-minute power interview on A Name to Know.

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