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"Alicia, I just wanted to take this opporunity to thank you for what you did for my daughter Justine today. We are aware what a great opportunity this was for her, but more importantly how you made her feel; not only welcomed but so special. Thank you for your words of encouragement and your support, as well as your staff. This experience has truly blessed the both of us. Thank you again so much!" - Michael

"Hi, thank you for the opportunity you gave me today. It was truly an experience that I will never forget. I had a blast. Please let me know if you need any asistance moving forward." -Bill

"I did not know what to expect walking into this experience, but I do know when I left I was amazed. Alicia, thank you for everything. I will make sure to spread the word." - Rina

"A Name To Know is a program that you should be on! If you are looking for exposure and/or a marketing piece for your website, this is the route to go. Thank you Alicia for your generosity and professionalism." - Diane


"Wow, this is amazing what you do Alicia!" I had no idea the reach you have in bringing in such an awesome array of professionals.  I am so glad to be on your team.  Thank you! - Shawn

"Hello Alicia, I want to thank you and your entire crew for a job well done. You made my interview exciting, yet you kept the flow on target, which is bringing awareness to the terrible Alcohol/Drug epidemic locally, nationally and globally. You have boosted my confidence in realistic interviewing, realistic questions with real answers. As I have stated, I have turned down some talk show appearences because I have a message of hope, of a new beginning for those who seek help. The talk shows that had requested my appearance have a goal also, ratings! My core desire is to help those who want help, not to raise any ratings- but to raise awareness. Please continue on your present course- that course will help others." - Ralph

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